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Beyond the ordinary: discover the extraordinary in Lucerne!

Our handcrafted Lucerne day trips whisk you away from Zurich, immersing you not just in Lucerne’s charming medieval core, but in the hidden gems and breathtaking landscapes of 3 stunningly beautiful provinces around Lucerne . Rest assured, you shall embark on a mesmerizing journey that transcends conventional routes, guiding you beyond tourist traps to discover hidden, breathtaking scenic wonders often overlooked by seasoned travelers and absent from travel guides, ensuring an unparalleled and truly immersive experience.

It’s more than just sightseeing; it’s once in a lifetime experience.

Imagine strolling through historic squares, capturing stunning vistas with your personal photographer-guide. These aren’t just memories; they’re tangible keepsakes to share with your loved ones – a unique perk exclusive to our tours.

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Witness the true beauty of Lucerne and its surroundings like no other tour can offer. Book your escape today and discover why Swiss Private Tour is the answer to your Lucerne adventure dreams!

What to expect?

Unveiling Lucerne’s secrets: Venture beyond the city limits of Lucerne and explore a 115 km radius of awe-inspiring landscapes of Lucerne and beyond, revealing idyllic meadows and picturesque alpine landscapes, seldom witnessed by travelers.

Panoramic perfection: Forget crowded viewpoints! Our tour grants you exclusive access to Lucerne’s most stunning panoramic locations, both completely unknown to typical tourists. Be prepared to have your breath taken away!

Shop & sail at your own pace: Enjoy the flexibility to immerse yourself in Lucerne’s charming boutiques, indulging in retail therapy at your leisure. Later following a relaxing lunch, enjoy by the beautiful lake promenade, go for paddle boat or cruise the serene waters of Lake Lucerne, soaking in the picturesque scenery. It’s your call whether you spend more time shopping, sailing, or exploring hidden villages – we adapt to your desires!

Area coverage

Day trips to Lucerne from Zurich - Unparallel Experience!
115 kilometers of scenic route frequented by local photo wizards, promising non-stop snaps.


  • Lucerne day trips - 7.45 H

    Hold onto your hats! Our itinerary promises epic discoveries. We’ve hidden some secret gems and surprise locations along the way, ensuring your adventure is filled with delightful unveiling moments.

    Lucerne day tripsSecret Photographer’s Route: Unveiling Lucerne’s Scenic Gems

    Skip the taxi, ditch the map! Your fascinating journey to Lucerne starts at 9:30 AM sharp, right at your Zurich doorstep. Buckle up for a scenic route frequented by local photo wizards, promising non-stop snaps all the way to our first Lucerne gem by 10:15 AM. Get ready for an unforgettable day!


    Step into the enchanting world of Lucerne’s medieval town

    Switzerland’s most visited medieval town of Lucerne is a car-free oasis that preserves its picturesque charm. Upon your arrival, your guide will navigate you through hidden shortcuts, unveiling the city’s historical treasures and must-visit sites. Immerse yourself in the allure of Lucerne as you explore iconic landmarks, including the renowned 13th-century wooden bridge, the ‘kapellbrücke,’ the captivating baroque churches, and the majestic Lion Monument. Following the tour, indulge in a leisurely lunch featuring the finest Lucerner Cuisine at one of our highly recommended establishments. Your afternoon is at your discretion – whether it’s a shopping spree or a relaxing boat trip, the choice is yours. As the day unfolds, embark on a fascinating journey to explore the undiscovered beauty surrounding Lucerne, venturing into off-the-beaten-path wonders that promise a truly memorable experience.

    Top highlights and photography vantage points in Lucerne old town

    Lucerne’s Old Town is a charming and well-preserved medieval gem, packed with historical landmarks, colorful facades, and cobblestone streets. Below are the the top highlights in Lucerne not to be missed for exceptional photo-shoot.

    • Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke): This iconic covered bridge, adorned with beautiful paintings from the 17th century, is a must-see for any visitor to Lucerne. Be sure to stop and admire the intricate artwork that depicts scenes from Swiss history and mythology.
    • Water Tower (Wasserturm): Standing tall next to the Chapel Bridge, this octagonal water tower was originally built in the 13th century and served as part of the city’s fortifications. Today, it houses a small museum and offers stunning views of the city and lake.
    • Town Hall (Rathaus): This impressive Renaissance building, dating back to the 16th century, features a beautiful facade with intricate carvings and stained glass windows. Take a guided tour to explore the interior and learn about Lucerne’s history.
    • Church of St. Peter (Peterskirche): This oldest church in Lucerne boasts a Romanesque-Gothic architecture and houses the largest organ in Switzerland. Climb up the tower for breathtaking panoramic views of the city and surrounding mountains.
    • Jesuit Church (Jesuitenkirche): This magnificent Baroque church, considered one of the finest examples of its style in Switzerland, features stunning frescoes and gilded decorations. Be sure to attend a classical music concert held here for a truly unforgettable experience.
    • Spreuer Bridge (Spreuerbrücke): Another covered bridge, adorned with macabre paintings depicting the Dance of Death, offers a unique and thought-provoking experience.
    • Lion Monument (Löwensprung): This moving sculpture, carved into a rock face, commemorates the bravery of the Swiss Guards who died defending the French royal family during the French Revolution.
    • Musegg Wall (Museggmauer): Walk along this ancient city wall, originally built in the 14th century, and enjoy stunning views of the city and surrounding mountains. Climb one of the nine towers for an even more panoramic perspective (moderate physical fitness required).
    • Palace Lucerne (Luzernerrunstschloss): This former palace now houses the Lucerne Art Museum, showcasing an impressive collection of Swiss and international.

    Beyond Boundaries: Exquisite Landscapes and Hidden Havens from Lucerne to Zurich

    Beyond the enchanting tour of Lucerne’s treasures, brace yourself for an exclusive journey to hidden gems and breathtaking viewpoints inaccessible to most tourists. These restricted locations, off-limits to conventional tour buses, offer panoramic views that will leave you breathless. As the curtain falls on this extraordinary sightseeing adventure, we head back to Zurich on the most spectacular route imaginable. Along the way, indulge in stops at some of the region’s most beautiful villages and awe-inspiring spots – places so stunning that they remain uncharted in any travel guide. Brace for an unparalleled expedition that transcends the ordinary, ensuring your return home with memories of Switzerland that are truly extraordinary.

    Tour Duration

    Tour starts at 09:30 AM from your hotel in Zurich and estimated to end in Zurich at 16:45 PM. The total duration is around 7 hours and 45 minutes but this would also include an 1.15 hours of relaxing lunch and ample relaxing moments.


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FAQ: What happens in bad weather?

Even when the weather takes an unexpected turn, we’ve got you covered with a contingency plan that’s always in the works. Typically a day or two before your tour, we’ll unveil a plan B, brimming with alternative options that will make your Swiss adventure even more unforgettable.

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    Jim Cramer Avatar
    Sal, our driver/tour expert is a tremendous friend after spending three great days with him on tour. We wish we had more time so that we could have spent an additional three days touring with Sal. Sal was helpful in laying out our tours to accommodate my knee issues. The tours were masterfully planned , as Sal added so many nuisances that no other tour company provides. His tours are one of a kind. Our conversations while you were driving added so many experiences to the time sight-seeing. His photo taking skills and coaching of Judy when taking photos are ingrained in us forever. His driving was safe and timed right for bathroom breaks. Being 70 years old, that is very important. The value of his day trips is fabulous. His knowledge is like the Encyclopedia Britannica. Sal made our visit to Switzerland more fabulous than we imagined it could be. Everyone visiting Switzerland I hope are lucky enough to have Sal spend time with them.
    Jim Cramer 11/10/2023
    Lorenzo Cardenas Avatar
    What a great and beautiful experience for the group. Indeed our trip to Switzerland was one of the best adventures we had so far. “ A credit is due when credit is well deserved”—and this of course is highly regarded to Swiss Private Tour; Sal and his driver Andrew both have enticing personalities. These two gentlemen are very well organised yet easy to get along with. Mr Sal himself is not only a Businessman and a Banker but also a highly Educated person and Professional. He is very knowleadgea to bring the group to the best spots yet able to take souvenir photos with the best possible results. On the other hand,Andrew does not only ensure his passengers safety but likewise bring-out his great ideas taking into account his Professional experience as a Mountaineer. With the combination of these two big Talents, it is indeed highly likely to have a travel trip full of fun and excitement. The group unanimously recommends Sal and his Private Tour to anyone who’s looking to have a wonderful and captivating experience in Switzerland…
    Lorenzo Cardenas 8/25/2023
    Jill Powers Avatar
    We booked 3 days with Sal and loved it! He took us places we would not have known about or easily gotten to on our own. He watched the weather and switched the itinerary around to ensure we had the best possible experience for the places we were visiting. He also added in an extra stop that added some extra driving but it was well worth it!
    We worked with Sal back in 2020 when we originally planned to visit Switzerland and we were able to cancel our tour without any issues when the pandemic hit. We were excited he was able to book us in 2023 now that we were ready to travel.
    It’s much more like a friend is taking you around to all the best spots vs a typical tour guide and if we go back to Switzerland I would definitely book with Sal again!
    Jill Powers 7/28/2023
    Jasmine Khoo Avatar
    The BEST decision I’ve made during my summer travels to Switzerland was to engage Sal as our guide! In fact, the trip felt like visiting a family member, Sal rather than a tour.

    Swiss has always been my dream country to visit and Sal made the trip a memorable one! He was meticulous, humorous, knowledgeable and a highly skilled driver. My family and I experienced Swiss in a unique way such as visiting non-touristy spots with majestic nature views. Although the tour was only 5 days, I have learnt so much about Swiss culture, people and nature. I’m also glad that we followed Sal’s advice in monitoring the weather before booking tickets. As such, the highlight of our trip was to visit JungFrau with great weather and spectacular mountain views!

    Sal’s sincerity and passion in sharing the beauty of Switzerland truly sets him apart and above from others in the same line.

    I hope my review helps other travelers and my golden advice is to book Sal in advance!

    THANK YOU, Sal! It was one of my BEST travels and my family enjoyed the trip! I’m glad that our paths have crossed and I wish you all the best in life. Do keep in touch! 🙂
    Jasmine Khoo 7/19/2023
    2019DavE Avatar
    5 star rating Amazing private tours of Switzerland! What an incredible 3 days! My family (elderly father, wife and two teen daughters) were fortunate to spend three full days with Sal, touring what seemed to be the entire country of Switzerland! His knowledge and passion for his country was impressive and he treated us like family from the moment we met. Picking us up from our hotel in Zurich each day in his super comfortable van, we were treated to the most beautiful sights of the country. He modified our 3 day schedule to optimize the tours for the weather, and he was incredibly flexible to meet any need that would arise. He was also fantastic to provide such great care for my father, making sure he was comfortable and taken care of many times providing two different experiences - one for him while my family was able to enjoy other more physically active experiences. We hope to return one day soon and will definitely book another tour with Sal when we do!
    2019DavE 7/16/2023
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Lucerne Day Trips

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Start time

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