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Zurich to Liechtenstein tourLiechtenstein from Zurich: Exclusive and unforgettable private tour just for you.

Embark on an unparalleled journey with our Liechtenstein from Zurich tour, where exclusivity takes center stage. This unforgettable private tour is not just a travel experience; it’s a meticulously crafted odyssey tailored exclusively for you. Prepare to transcend the ordinary, as we provide unparalleled access and authentic encounters that redefine the meaning of bespoke travel. Your adventure is uniquely unparalleled, a testament to our commitment to delivering an extraordinary and unmatched exploration that sets our tour apart from any other.

What to expect?

Immerse yourself in the charm of Liechtenstein, captivated by each enchanting moment, and be transported to the alluring City of Roses on a journey that goes beyond borders. Elevate your experience with our meticulously crafted tour, where every moment is exceptional, promising a personalized escape like no other.

Don’t settle for the ordinary; choose our unique Lichtenstein from Zurich tour today for an unforgettable discovery that unveils every facet of Vaduz, Liechtenstein and its stunning surrounding wonders, sure to steal your breath away!

Zurich toursElevate your vacation experience with our exclusive complimentary photography service

Elevate your vacation experience with our unrivaled professional photography service, guided by our exclusive photographer, who ‘ll skillfully captures the very essence of your holiday mood, transforming each moment into a personal masterpiece. Cherish the beauty of your journey as every snapshot unfolds into stunning precious photos, ensuring your unforgettable experiences are meticulously preserved for a lifetime of relivable joy.

Tour highlights

Nature’s beauty beyond borders: Witness diverse and untouched natural beauty, making the 235-kilometer journey a feast for the senses.

Hidden gems discovery: Uncover lesser-known gems along the way, revealing the charm and authenticity of the journey.

Local culture immersion: Immerse yourself in the local culture, experiencing the true essence of the regions passed through.

Exclusive stops: Enjoy exclusive stops and detours that showcase the beauty of off-the-beaten-path destinations, providing a truly unique and personalized adventure.

Coverage Area

Liechtenstein from Zurich tour coverage
Diverse landscape of alpine natural beauty covering the span of 235 kilometers

Program Overview

While our carefully crafted itinerary provides comprehensive overview, we’ve intentionally withheld some surprises to unveil hidden gems and special locations along the way, ensuring your journey remains filled with delightful discoveries.

  • Detail Program

    Liechtenstein from Zurich programProgram

    Venture into an captivating adventure as your extraordinary day unfolds right from the doorstep of your Zurich hotel at 9:00 AM. Brace yourself for a fascinating 35-minute non-stop scenic journey, spanning 42 kilometres along the south end of Lake Zurich, leading you to a completely different alpine landscape. Your unforgettable exploration begins with a breathtaking ride that sets the stage for a day, filled with awe-inspiring vistas and unique discoveries.


    Zurich to Liechtenstein 001 05Visiting the City of Rose

    Journey back to the 13th century and wander the cobbled streets of the City of Roses, a charming medieval town teeming with history. Imagine knights in shining Armor, bustling marketplaces, and echoes of a bygone era. One of the most picturesque town still maintains its promise of Mediterranean medieval charm; The ‘city of roses’, owning it’s name to the more than 16’000 roses, their fragrance fills up the atmosphere over the turquoise blue alpine Lake. Strolling around this small town, visit to the 13th century castle with a Polish museum, a wooden bridge to Hurden and the view from castle towers above the town, the lake and a panorama view from the snow-capped Glarus Alps all the way to the Zurich Oberland will completely steal your breath away. You could watch the lake for ages, it’s truly that beautiful here!

    Zurich to Liechtenstein 002Visiting enchanting Liechtenstein: Unveiling the charms of a fairytale alpine escape

    Following your visit to the charming City of Rose, continue your fascinating journey for an hour to arrive in a new country – the Liechtenstein. Nestled like a hidden gem between the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is a captivating pipsqueak of a country. As you traverse its mountainous terrain, rising steep and rugged above the Rhine, you’ll discover a place of enchantment. Beyond the sheer novelty of exploring one of the world’s tiniest and most affluent nations, Liechtenstein unfolds like a fairy-tale dream – a mountain principality ruled by an iron-willed monarch, nestled deep in the majestic Alps, and adorned with turreted castles. Immerse yourself in the magic of Liechtenstein, where every moment is a charming chapter in this captivating storybook destination. With your guide, stroll along the main street of Vaduz and don’t forget to get your passport stamped! Thereafter, it’s time to enjoy an authentic Liechtenstein cuisine lunch at one of the town’s renowned restaurants. Following your relaxing lunch your guide will lead you, capturing the beauty of Liechtenstein with a photo shooting opportunity at the best hotspots and castles in and around Vaduz.

    zurich to liechtenstein wine cellerThe Prince of Liechtenstein Winery

    Indulge in royalty at Vaduz’s Prince of Liechtenstein Winery, where a mere ten-minute stroll from Vaduz’s centre leads you to a renowned cellar. Sample exquisite wines crafted from the finest grapes, nurtured by the Föhn wind’s gentle touch. With its splendid offerings and rare gems, this winery, overlooking the princely castle amid vineyards, is a must-visit destination. Elevate your tasting experience and consider stocking your own cellar with these princely delights.

Enhance Your Liechtenstein Experience!

If you are looking for an extra layer of magic to your Liechtenstein sightseeing adventure, look no further! We offer a very exciting options to elevate your experience, you surely won’t want to miss!

  • Switzerland's Most Premium Chocolate Factory

    Liechtenstein from Zurich Chocolate TourOptimize and enhance your experience – Visit Switzerland’s best premium chocolate factory

    Indulge your senses further with our unique optional add-on—an exclusive visit to Läderach – topmost Swiss premium chocolate factory midst Switzerland’s one of the most beautiful alpine province over Zurich Highlands. Dive into the world of Swiss chocolate excellence, a must-visit to Savor the finest chocolate brands and elevate your journey to an unparalleled level of sweetness.


    You can select this option during booking; however, we will have to re-confirm your reservation upon confirmation received from the chocolate factory administration.

    Additional duration & cost

    Adding this option to visit the Chocolate Factory will increase the total tour duration by additional 2 hours; instead of 4 PM the tour will end at 6 PM. The additional price for adding this option is only CHF 57 (price per group / per tour, not per person).

    Entrance & Factory tour tickets (not included)

    • For mixed group (maximum 10): Adults: CHF 15 (includes CHF 5 vouchers), Children 8 – 16, CHF 10, Children under 16 are free
    • For exclusive private tour for your party in English, CHF 150
    • Price subject to change

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  • Tour Reviews

    Jill Powers Avatar
    We booked 3 days with Sal and loved it! He took us places we would not have known about or easily gotten to on our own. He watched the weather and switched the itinerary around to ensure we had the best possible experience for the places we were visiting. He also added in an extra stop that added some extra driving but it was well worth it!
    We worked with Sal back in 2020 when we originally planned to visit Switzerland and we were able to cancel our tour without any issues when the pandemic hit. We were excited he was able to book us in 2023 now that we were ready to travel.
    It’s much more like a friend is taking you around to all the best spots vs a typical tour guide and if we go back to Switzerland I would definitely book with Sal again!
    Jill Powers 7/28/2023
    Jasmine Khoo Avatar
    The BEST decision I’ve made during my summer travels to Switzerland was to engage Sal as our guide! In fact, the trip felt like visiting a family member, Sal rather than a tour.

    Swiss has always been my dream country to visit and Sal made the trip a memorable one! He was meticulous, humorous, knowledgeable and a highly skilled driver. My family and I experienced Swiss in a unique way such as visiting non-touristy spots with majestic nature views. Although the tour was only 5 days, I have learnt so much about Swiss culture, people and nature. I’m also glad that we followed Sal’s advice in monitoring the weather before booking tickets. As such, the highlight of our trip was to visit JungFrau with great weather and spectacular mountain views!

    Sal’s sincerity and passion in sharing the beauty of Switzerland truly sets him apart and above from others in the same line.

    I hope my review helps other travelers and my golden advice is to book Sal in advance!

    THANK YOU, Sal! It was one of my BEST travels and my family enjoyed the trip! I’m glad that our paths have crossed and I wish you all the best in life. Do keep in touch! 🙂
    Jasmine Khoo 7/19/2023
    Steven J. Resendes Avatar
    Sal is an amazing tour guide. He knew a lot about Switzerland and took us to all the big tourist places and the places only for locals. He even would change the itinerary on the fly based on our preferences. Highly Recommend this tour
    Steven J. Resendes 11/04/2022
    Jennifer Copeland Avatar
    Best tour of our 4 country visit by far. Sal treated us like family and was accommodating to all of our needs. Spent the entire day showing us his favorite sites along with the ones offered on the tour. Would highly recommend this tour over any other-it is absolutely worth it!
    Jennifer Copeland 9/29/2022
    Natasha Ali Avatar
    Sal was nothing short of amazing. We were amazed at not only his knowledge of Switzerland and Austria but also his ability to take us places most tour guides wouldn't. He went above and beyond to ensure that we not only visited all of the places we set out to visit but also made sure we were taken care of. I will be sure to book with Sal on my next visit to Switzerland and Austria.
    Natasha Ali 9/29/2022
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Liechtenstein from Zurich tour


Liechtenstein tour from Zurich

Pickup location

From your hotel in Zurich


7 hours (including 1.5 hours lunch break)

Start time

Starts at 09:00 AM

Maximum guests

6 people (For large group, please contact us)

Tour price

2 PAX – CHF 399 per person
3 PAX – CHF 266 per person
4 PAX – CHF 199 per person
5 PAX – CHF 159 per person
6 PAX – CHF 133 per person

Price includes

Hotel Pick-up and drop-off, English speaking guide, vehicle & gas, liability insurance, all road taxes, all parking fees.

Price excludes

Optional add-ons, entrance fees, personal expenses, tips or gratuity, Federal VAT

Free cancelation

Fully refunded if cancelled 24 hours prior (processing fee of 4% is deducted by the bank)

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