Adventure Beyond Europe’s Largest Waterfall!

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Discovering Rheinfall and Beyond – Unveiling Europe’s Largest Waterfall and Family-Friendly Delights”

Europe’s largest waterfall awaits!  Rheinfall family fun takes you beyond the cascades for an unforgettable adventure. ‍‍‍ Explore hidden gems, embark on thrilling boat rides, & create lasting memories – all tailored for family fun!

RheinfallPrepare for epic grins, unforgettable memories, and picture-perfect moments on our exclusive Rheinfall tour!

Designed exclusively for families, this isn’t just a sightseeing trip – it’s an immersive extravaganza built around capturing smiles and creating lifelong memories. And this is personalized guided tours tailored to your family only. While you remain engaged and enjoy your time by Europe’s largest waterfalls, your personal photographer guide will beautifully capture every priceless laugh, wide-eyed wonder, and thrilling adventures which you can share with loved ones, and cherish lifelong which makes this trip priceless! Experience the roaring majesty of Europe’s largest waterfall up close, be at the best picture taking spots around the falls, and share the excitement with stunning photos instantly. With a great storyteller capturing your journey and a focus on your family’s unique wishes, this family-style adventure promises magic beyond the falls. Book your Rheinfall family adventure today and set on a journey your family will cherish forever!

Beyond the Guidebook: Feel the thrill of a personalized Rheinfall experience

Embrace Uniqueness

At Swiss Private Tour, we invite you to Embrace Uniqueness as we present a travel experience that provides extra-ordinary holiday experience.

Unleash the Unexpected: Go beyond the standard tour experience. Discover hidden secrets, discover unique vantage points, and create memories that deviate from the ordinary.

Tailored to You and your family: This isn’t a one-size-fits-all trip. Your tour adapts to your family’s interests, ages, and preferences, ensuring every moment is special and meaningful.

Craft Your Adventure: Forget rigid itineraries. You have the freedom to shape your experience, choosing activities and sights that resonate with your family’s desires.

Personalize Your Moments

Memories Captured: Don’t just witness the awe, preserve it. Skilled photographers capture genuine laughter, wide-eyed wonder, and family moments, transforming them into cherished keepsakes.

Your Own Storytelling Guide: More than just a map-reader, your guide becomes a storyteller. They weave personalized narratives, infusing your journey with local knowledge and humor.

Family-Centric Focus: This isn’t just a sightseeing trip. It’s about fostering family bonds, creating shared experiences, and forging memories that will be talked about for years to come.

Customized Itinerary

Meet & Greet: Your adventure starts with a personal welcome at your hotel!

Scenic Drive & Photos: Enjoy beautiful views as you head to the mighty Rheinfall. Strike a pose for stunning, professional photos to remember!

Tailored Entrance: Choose your ideal entry point for a perfect family adventure (based on activities).

Family Photo Adventure: Explore with your guide-photographer, capturing every laugh and thrill. You have fun, they capture the memories!

Picture-Perfect Spots: Discover hidden gems and capture the Rhine Falls’ grandeur from all angles, most tourists will miss out!

Lunch or Coffee Break: Relax and soak in the memories with a delicious lunch or refreshing coffee break after the tour.

Tour Durations

Rhein falls: The tour starts from the doorstep of your hotel in Zurich at 09:30 AM and expected to end 2:30 PM. The total duration would be approximately 5 hours but this would also include an hour of relaxing lunch break.

Rhein Falls & Stein am Rhein The tour duration would be an additional hour, total 6 hours including 1 hour lunch break. The tour would end at your hotel in Zurich by 3:35 PM.

Rhein Falls & Chocolate Factory: Tour starts from your hotel at 09:00 AM and ends at 3:30 PM. The total duration would be 6.5 hours including 1 hour lunch break.

Rhine Falls + Stein am Rhein + Lindt Chocolate Factory: The tour starts from your hotel at 09:00 AM and estimated to end at around 5:30 PM. The total duration of this tour is estimated to be around 8.5 hours

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Enhance Your Rheinfall Experience!

If you are looking for an extra layer of magic to your Rheinfall adventure, look no further! We offer two exciting options to elevate your experience.

  • Great Add-On Options for Rheinfall Tour

    Enhance your Rheinfall adventure with our exclusive tour add-ons!

    Discover an array of captivating options to take your Rheinfall experience to new heights! Elevate your journey with our specially curated combination packages:

    I. Rheinfall & Stein-am-Rhein Combo

    Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Rheinfall and continue your escapade with a visit to the picturesque Stein-am-Rhein. Uncover the charming medieval architecture and cobblestone streets that will transport you back in time. This seamless combination promises a day filled with natural wonders and cultural delights.

    You can include this option to your Rheinfall experience for only additional CHF 97 (per group)

    II. Rheinfall And Lindt Home of Chocolate 

    Indulge your senses by pairing the awe-inspiring Rhein Falls with a sweet excursion to the Lindt Chocolate Factory. Witness the artistry behind Switzerland’s finest chocolates and savor delectable treats. This combination guarantees a delightful blend of nature’s grandeur and the sweet symphony of Swiss chocolate craftsmanship. Booking tickets for Chocolate factory entrance in advance is recommended.

    You can include this option to your Rheinfall experience for only additional CHF 171 (per group)

    III. Ultimate Day-Triple Delight: Rheinfall, Stein-am-Rhein AND Lindt Home of Chocolate in a single day!

    Embark on an unforgettable journey as you explore Rhein Falls, meander through the timeless streets of Stein-am-Rhein, and delve into the world of Swiss chocolate at the Lindt Chocolate Factory – all in a single day! This comprehensive package is designed for those seeking the epitome of adventure, culture, and indulgence.

    You can include this option to your Rheinfall experience for only additional CHF 292 (per group)

  • Lindt Home of Chocolates

    Zurich Tours Lindt Chocolate Tour 1Indulge your sweet tooth: Discover the secrets of Lindt chocolate

    Embark on a delectable adventure at the world-famous Lindt Chocolate Factory. Witness the magic of chocolate-making firsthand, from bean to bar, and tantalize your taste buds with decadent samples. Learn about the rich heritage of this iconic Swiss brand and savor the sweet satisfaction that only Lindt can provide. This delightful experience is a must for chocolate lovers and anyone with a sweet tooth.

    A tour of the Lindt Home of Chocolate covers every aspect of this Swiss cultural asset chocolate, including a chocolate fountain over 9m tall and the biggest Lindt Chocolate Shop in the world, spread over 500m2. In the CHOCOLATERIA, you can create your very own chocolate under the expert guidance of the Lindt Master Chocolatiers while learning many interesting things about the origin, history and manufacture of Lindt chocolate.

    Additional Info: Visit official web site of Lindt Home of Chocolate.

  • Switzerland's Most Picturesque Quint Town

    RheinfallStein am Rhein: Your fairytale escape after the roaring Rhine falls!

    Step back in time and experience the fairytale-like charm of Stein am Rhein, a hidden gem nestled near the mighty Rhine Falls. Just a short hop from the cascading wonder, this quaint town offers a unique blend of history, beauty, and delicious surprises, waiting to enrich your Swiss adventure.


    RheinfallWhere Rhine Meets Romance: Stein am Rhein’s Enchanting Medieval Embrace – Compose Your Photographic Love Letter

    Cobblestone streets whispering stories with every step, vibrant frescoes adorning houses like colorful tapestries, and the serene Rhine River reflecting the blushing hues of a setting sun. This isn’t a fairytale, it’s Stein am Rhein, a captivating medieval town where romance and picture-perfect moments intertwine.

    Medieval Masterpieces: Each house is a canvas, adorned with vibrant frescoes depicting legends and history, begging to be immortalized through your lens.

    Rhine River Rhapsody: Capture the serene beauty of the Rhine River reflecting the charming town and the blushing sky. Imagine long-exposure shots capturing the river’s flow and the town’s timeless presence.

    Hidden Gems Unveiled: Wander through narrow alleyways, stumble upon secret gardens, and capture the town’s hidden treasures – each frame whispering a secret waiting to be shared.

    Beyond Perfection: Stein am Rhein’s charm lies in its authenticity. Capture candid moments of locals, children playing, and the town’s vibrant spirit – your photos will tell a unique story.

FAQ: What happens in bad weather?

Even when the weather takes an unexpected turn, we’ve got you covered with a contingency plan that’s always in the works. Typically a day or two before your tour, we’ll unveil a plan B, brimming with alternative options that will make your Swiss adventure even more unforgettable.

  • Reviews - Rheinfall Tour

    Natalia Zora Avatar
    I found Sal by browsing the internet and randomly finding his website, but I am SO thankful I did! The tour was the highlight of my trip and my husband and I had an amazing time! Sal went above and beyond to make us comfortable and found several hidden gems so we can take perfect photos! Nothing is worse than having a bad tour guide for an all day tour and trust me when I say that Sal is a pleasure to be around! I can’t say enough good things! Thank you Sal!
    Natalia Zora 9/11/2023
    nela ferreira Avatar
    august 2023 Nela and family vacation sal and Andrei were great showing us around .
    we did 2 days of tours , the charming of all places on earth tour and the rhein fall and stein and Rhein
    Very knowledgable and fun , felt like we were spending the day with family . highly recommend using Sal.
    we were a group of 8 and Sal took good care of us in making sure we were always enjoying the tour.
    nela ferreira
    zurich , switzerland
    Breanne Washington Avatar
    Sal was a PHENOMENAL tour guide through the Zurich countryside. He went above and beyond to show us some of the most beautiful places and share history of the people and country as well. We enjoyed a tasty lunch and finished the day at a very relaxing waterfront. Do yourself a favor and book with Sal. You won’t regret it! -Bree & Dina
    Breanne Washington 8/14/2023
    Kaveh M Avatar
    Oh my god, we could not ask for more. Sal is an amazing and caring person whose mission is to have you and your family have the best experience humanly possible. The tour was beautiful, comfortable, and effortless since he is your guide and knows best how to run everything smoothly. My kids loved him too and as I am writing this my son came by and saw I am writing a review for him and said to make sure he gets five star. If you want to have a great time in Switzerland and surrounding countries, give him a try and you won’t regret it. Thank you Sal for everything and your integrity, and professionalism that you showed us. We will always remember the beautiful day we had.
    Kaveh M 7/24/2023
    2019DavE Avatar
    5 star rating Amazing private tours of Switzerland! What an incredible 3 days! My family (elderly father, wife and two teen daughters) were fortunate to spend three full days with Sal, touring what seemed to be the entire country of Switzerland! His knowledge and passion for his country was impressive and he treated us like family from the moment we met. Picking us up from our hotel in Zurich each day in his super comfortable van, we were treated to the most beautiful sights of the country. He modified our 3 day schedule to optimize the tours for the weather, and he was incredibly flexible to meet any need that would arise. He was also fantastic to provide such great care for my father, making sure he was comfortable and taken care of many times providing two different experiences - one for him while my family was able to enjoy other more physically active experiences. We hope to return one day soon and will definitely book another tour with Sal when we do!
    2019DavE 7/16/2023
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Rhein Falls Tour from Zurich


Rheinfall Family Fun Adventure

Pickup location

From your hotel in Zurich


5 hours (including lunch break)

Start time

See itinerary (duration)

Maximum guests

6 people (For large group, please contact us)


2 PAX – CHF 453 per person
3 PAX – CHF 325 per person
4 PAX – CHF 226 per person
5 PAX – CHF 181 per person
6 PAX – CHF 127 per person

Price includes

Hotel Pick-up and drop-off, English speaking guide, vehicle & gas, liability insurance, all road taxes, all parking fees.

Price excludes

Optional add-ons, entrance fees, personal expenses, tips or gratuity, Federal VAT

Free cancelation

Fully refunded if cancelled 24 hours prior (processing fee of 4% is deducted by the bank)

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