• Affiliate, agents or partners are expected to promote Swiss Private Tour and sell Swiss Private Tour’s programs, products and services within their personal or business networks and earn agreed commission.
  • Affiliates, agents or partners will promote and sell Swiss Private Tour products and services only via affiliated link provided and accepted by Swiss Private Tour. Affiliates posting links on public coupons sites will be rejected.


  • All affiliate / agent / partner registrations are moderated. You may register to become an affiliate / agent /partner and, when approved, you will be provided with a unique reference ID that you can use to promote and sell Swiss Private Tour products and services using your unique referral ID.
  • Affiliate accounts are not guaranteed. After registration you will be given the opportunity to share your intentions to increase your chance of approval.


  • Swiss Private Tour pays extremely fair commission, usually higher than expected market price.
  • Swiss Private Tour has implemented “Tiered Commission Structure (TCS) in fairness to all affiliates, agents and partners.
  • Percentage of commission for each affiliate, agent, and partner is determined based on sales volume.
  • Approved affiliates, agents, and partners will earn agreed percentage of commission on all successful completion of booking that has been paid for.
  • Commissions are earned after tour is fully booked and paid for and is not refunded or cancelled.

Affiliate Disbursements

  • Commissions are usually paid out 1 week following the tour start date. For instance, if the tour is booked on 1st of February, the commission is paid out by 7th of February or on Monday of the following week, if 7th falls on a weekend.
  • If, during the period before a commission is paid out, the originating purchase is refunded, cancelled or revoke in any way, Swiss Private Tour reserves the right to revoke the commission on that purchase.
  • Commissions will be paid out when tour is fully booked, status of booked tour is set to “completed”, and tour is fully paid for.
  • All commissions are paid out either via PayPal or bank account detail you will provide.
  • Commissions are put on hold until required personal / company detail is filed with Swiss Private Tour
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